11 July 2008

What if someone dare challenge him?

"Many many centuries ago, the magical creatures of the earth was ruled by one ruler of the name, King Balor. He reigned the earth with respect and honour forging great ties between his people and the Mankind. Unfortunately, greed and power conquered Mankind thus led them to retaliate and seek greater authority in the magical land. Human fought many battle against King Balor and his men. They won some while lost others.
King Balor has no choice. Whilst he never forget of how great the bonding used to be between them; in order to save his own people he led the greatest golden army of killing machines going to war against humankind. Anguished by the previous devastation, the indestructible army wreaked on the humans, killing them, letting them rot!
It was a painful moment for the king. He was in deep sorrow, watching Mankind dies for the rebel only created by themselves. Hence King Balor strikes a truce with humans that has lasted to this very day. Only the rightful man of the king's crown can conjure up the army again. The golden army was left asleep until today...
And when the rightful man come to claim the crown, only who dare to challenge him could stop him from waking up the golden army. And as a true rightful man, he must answer the challenge."
moving forward to date:
YAB PM are seeking renomination for the presidency, but is he dare taking any challenge?!
I guess he is not because he is buying time with his June 2010 power transition
how scare/dare you!?
for a glimpse of golden army see Hellboy II in cinema near you.

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