14 July 2008

Datukship Award to Nicol - A non issue

Datuk Nicol Ann David is a deserving recipient of Darjah Setia Pahlawan Negeri. It was never an issue if she is still young and energetic to be bestowed which such honour when she has made the country proud becoming a world champion year after year. I believe the state government has made a rightful review on this matter, considering every aspect of sport achievements by the 'young Datuk' rather than making this another point of political mileage. If it so, shame on you, YAB Ketua Menteri!
I hope the award will motivate Nicol futher in her field. Not only by excelling in her true passion - squash but also as a good ambassador to young Malaysians in achieving their dreams. It's all must come with hardwork, passion, family support and humility. These are the attributes we would love been passing on to the younger generation whom have been lacking of. The young turks especially Malays youth prefer shortcut in gaining success rather than go through hard work and tough determination. This is a good example for us (read: Malay) to begin with and hopefully it will encourage us (read: Melayu muda) to strive further for success and not allowing ourselves to just only keep dreaming of becoming another "reality tv star"! hiyer.
To digress a lil bit,
Not all sportman get their award during their peak time and i can only name a few
Datuk Abdul Malik Mydin for his maiden swim across English Channel.
Datuk Azhar Mansur for his around the world sailing effort
and what they have it common?! A Malaysia Boleh!
Datuk Azeez Abdul Rahim for parachuting down at North Pole - I think he got his datuk earlier!
Datuk Shahrin Abdul Wahab - a datuk also at a tender age of 26 and what has he contribute to the society? Time will tell. *wink wink*
p/s:Rizal Hashim (a prominent sportswriter) made his point about the award. He has all the valid reason which i cant agree more. That his perspective on sports view while i am sticking with mine.

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wmsiew said...

yea..Nicol rocks!

Thanks for your support of Nicol!

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