12 January 2009

moving in to a new start 2

After almost 4 years sticking to the old gun - my Emporio Armani white and i was always being taken care off, sadly i have to move on to a new fragrance which offer me a more sensual and extravagant smell for a gorgeous looking young man like me. wow!

well, that's not me talking,
that was how the charm saleslady put it to me.
and my wallet did flabbergast and echanted with that compliment...
and me ended up with a new crisp in town, Bvlgari Aqva marine.. voila!

lil snippet of my new precious here...

can't wait to let you scent it, though :)


Syigim said...

eh eh ade bawak mila tak beli perfume niii... ;)

btw, kay terkenang...dia suh ckp dia penah curi spray perfume u masa u tgh *fly* klua town...

ntahape ntah. i pun tak paham :P dia mintak halalkan. pastu dia gelak sorang2.

mohsein shariff said...


milla wasnt around.
that's why the saleslady brave enough to be honest with me. ahaks!

ahhh no wonder my perfume cepat habis je.. ada 'hantu' pakai ye..
back then it was polo sports. bau budak2 bulih kongsi ngan kawan2.