2 January 2009

Of Tony Romas, new year celebration and a pair of timberland.

New year's eve come and go like a blip of blinking eyes. The next thing you notice, you will be celebrating another new year's eve again when it came up knocking...
Life indeed is one full circle in every single year! ;)

Interestingly, this year celebrations isn't much hype in term of people going out to celebrate and rejunevate. Apart from some rowdy, munchy spin-off  sexy romp in today's headlines, nothing much really to look forward to - OMG Gosh! how lame and boring chap i had become..

From my very observant view, People prefers a low-key celebration with family and friend rather than go out for new year's party b'coz in the past few years the world had faced a lot of agony during year-end celebrations. Taking back to the year of Bali Bombings and further to date to the worst Tsunami hits in 2004 and not to forget recent (2008) Delhi and Gaza Massacre have made us wonder, 

Is there anymore hope for peace and justice? Was it a 'false'  hope in the first place or do we need 'new' courage and bravery in order to survive?

On another note, moslem of the world also realise that hijri new year (1430H) happened to be  2 days earlier than the julian calendar celebrations and moslems are left to choose what is more important between the 2 to their life... or perhaps it also represent what is more important to their moslem brothers elsewhere.
Which definitely  and strongly more important than just having fun!

There are many things to look forward in 2009.

1. Barrack Obama inauguration as the 44th US President. we know Obama as a person but can we rely on him as an organisations?

2. World Credit Crunch taking effect

3. Another Coup d'état in Thailand.

4. Election all over the world - India, Indonesia, EU

On local scene

1. How will BN fair in the upcoming battle of goliath between PAS and UMNO in KT by election.

2. Paklah handing over the power to Najib - or would it be just handing over UMNO presidency?

3. UMNO General Assembly.

4. PR taking over the government! hmmm

5 Another celebrity marriage and breakdown.

Indeed it is a very interesting year to look ahead
or should i stop whining and start imagine like johnny?

                       John Lennon R.I.P

oh btw, my new year celebration wasnt that bad either.  Had a nice and 'quiet' dinner at Kenny Rogers with my other half before heading back home. We managed to stop for a nice buy one free one coffee and later find ourself on the couch for an exciting musical movie - hairspray before me find myself doozing off in neverland while milla enjoyed her annual fireworks countdown behind closed wall... a good start for 2009, eh?! you bet. *wink* *wink*

hairspray the movie - courtesy of New Line Cinema

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