7 January 2009

moving in to a new start

It all started in April 2008, when both of us decided it was high time for us to move away from the family after a year of marriage. I, on one hand a bit reluctant to move away. Being a selfish ignorant brat made me settled around my family thus position me to stay put. However, after deeply thought and big discussion between myself and my other half, I felt this would be a good opportunity to experience new life at a different place.

A great search around Shah Alam was made. Major factors such security, distance to milla's office, near to marketplace, coffee beans wifi etc were considered. We would have end up at a rental house behind milla's office whose the owner was kind enough to offer RM900 rental per month. However the plan wasnt materialise after seeing the place and later found out that the area was formerly a 'loji' for tut tut tut... ewww.

We put up more effort searching for the right home and an idea did came along for us to purchase a townhouse somewhere in Section 9 Shah Alam - Seri Mahligai. Ironically, it's kind of 'the place' in those days when i was still a student in ITM. A sacred place for only the riches and now we were thinking to own one! hah hah hah.

Opportunity did came along. When the agent called saying that there was a house on sale in Sri Mahligai, we quickly made our way as if that was the last one to offer. Without further hesitant and with the help of our 'kejiranan'- Bunyok and Amy Winehouse, we decided - YES, this is to be our home. Our love nest. Paper was signed and deposit was put on the table and the next thing to get done is acquring home loans

I never deal with bank on home loans, worst never had a hire purchase loan in my history book. This was kind a new thing to me but i decided whatever it is, the loans must be applied from a bank nearby. I dont want later if we face trouble, we need to travel as far just to get a paper sign. Quite a number of bank did offer a deal but in the end after much consideration, i settled with CIMB- Islamic home flexi loan (ini free ad nih.. kena claim commision)

Loan settled, now another major part was to have some rennovation on the house based on our needs and desired. I dont want to be all messy and full, a nice and cosy place would do. In the hand of our contractor , Pure Progressive Builders Sdn Bhd (yeah! another free ad) we put our trust and money! It turn up well even with number of hiccup along the way when i have to get my ass up to the management to explain to them about some delays on construction works that obviously effected my neighbours life all over. Lucky me, the neighbours do understand and sport enough to compromise my rennovation works and the works lasted till 2 days before Hari Raya. 

As the new house ready to receive the new owner, now come to most difficult part of all - getting yourself mentally and physically ready to move out to the new place. It took us many many many months to settle that we need to move in to our new house. Lot of things occured along the way and postponed our moving and I do appreciated the patience and wisdom of my Milla in handling this moving in issue.

In the end, after so many months and so many tears..
we moved into our new home on the eve of maal hijrah
Should this be a  new start to a new beginning?
god's will.

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Syigim said...

hi moqq....reading this entry teringat when kay n i br stat nak beli umah...byk songeh from here n there but kay really managed - i mcm damsel in distress je..but it was great experience psl at the end of the day, umah tu becomes ur own love nest...hihi...nways kim salam kat milla....