4 February 2009

Ask morkymoqq (1) : The current political scenario

Dear morky,

I am sure you are also surprised with the current development in our nation political scenario in particular the collapsed of 11  months old 'Kerajaan PR' in Perak. I believe the whole thing will setup and transpire a bigger hoo- haa later in the month whilst we should have put our effort to face the current world economic breakdown. It seems the downturn do not influence most of our politician to stop politicking. what is your say, En Morky?

Mr Anti Froggie,
Shah Alam

Dear Mr Anti Froggie,
First and foremost, thank you for your question, I like you name, it's kind of remembering me of Mr Frodo of LOTR Trilogy... oh never mind.

Well, actually it is hard for me to give my humble opinion on the current development but i can conclude that our nations have becoming like a king's jester. Our kind of politics have undermining peoples' hope and aspiration for a "chance" in Perak Govt as it decided  to "chance " itself. Basically that's how politician works and in fact they are following the book really well by hopping to a better position. The political landscape of this country has evolved tremendously following Mac 2008 but not to the extend it has developed to a more principal and matured scene. Indeed it has becoming a platform for 2 axis (BN and PR) to show their strength. I wonder myself when the whole political drama would stop? Is the people signal not enough to demonstrate that to survive in a political battle, one has to be accountable, honest, responsible and have integrity in undertaking his job? I am very sadden that most our politician has put their interest to gain/remain in power more priority rather than servicing the rakyat. Pity us.. pity rakyat.

so Mr Anti Froggie, to cheer ones broken soul. Marilah kita menyanyi bersama lagu ini untuk mengenang kisah pembesar kita.

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