2 February 2009

One's agony that deserve a standing ovation

I was nailed back and forth in front of my tv set late yesterday evening not to miss one of the anticipated final between 2 legendary rivals; one already a legend and another is a legend in making in tennis history.  The  chance to see both players to have a gruelling match each other was stimulating as the last time they met was on a grass court in Wimbledon last year when Nadal, the reigning no 1 tennis player historically beaten Federer, currently 2nd best in one of tennis epic of all time. 

After that moment in Wimbledon, i could never forgive myself if happen both player would meet again later in future tournament esp the grand slams. My wish was fullfill and as anticipated, both of them meet again in the finale of Australian Open, yesterday.

Both came to the final with different path to each other. Federer came to prove that he is still the master of hard court and by beating Nadal, he would on track to reclaim his no 1 spot. Further, it also put him in history to match Pete Sampras, another tennis legend of 14 grand slams title. The pressure on him is overhelming.

Whilst Nadal on the other hand secured his way to the semis of Australian Open without losing a single set but was heavily tested by another Spaniard in a match record 5 sets semi final thriller in 5 hours on previous day. With a heavily tag of 'king of clay' upon him, this finale would be his chance to prove he also is best on hard court. Further, this would be another sequel of their great rivalry where Nadal hold a better head to head meeting and prove his is a strong nemesis to Federer. 

This year Australian Open indeed was special to me coz i found a 'special' buddy by the name of Pak Ali, a strong 65 years old man who happen to watch most of the Open match at his home and  was such a sport and articulate to know most of the players. I was really impress by his passion in the sport which sometime quite odd considering his old age and the fact that i dont want him to miss his final too, i made a call to him to make sure he also is in front of his tv set.  :)

and the rest is history as you can find it here when Nadal remain as the King of Tennis. 

a tearful federer couldnt condone his emotion 
as he become 2nd feeder again. Federer's tears don't make him less of a man or a Champion. Wonder such emotion and passion for his beloved sport
can be emulated by all sportsmen around the world.
i wonder whether our Malaysian atheletes would cry as such on their defeat??

Such a true friend and sportmanship of Nadal, upon receiving his prizes, willing to comfort his court nemesis and wishing him all the best in years to come.
A true lesson to our politician out there to venture into sports and learn from it!

Hail King Nadal,
This is what he said to Roger;
"I'm sorry for today,"  "I really know how you feel. But remember – you are one of the best players of the history and you are going to improve the 14 of Sampras. It is always a pleasure to play you and best of luck for the rest of the year."
such a humble champion!!

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