9 February 2009

Interesting weeks ahead.

The catastrophe in Perak State has yet to put a closure and now both BN and PR will be getting another face to face fight to prove who'd become champion in this political disaster and come out  clean.  A by election would be called by the EC within 60 days due to the demise of the late PAS MP of Bukit Gantang. Al Fatihah

Now, the wish of PR to have a fresh election and let the rakyat decide has been granted. Let the cannon loose, after alll
Interestingly, one of the state seat in Bukit Gantang is Changkat Jering which has turned into an indenpendent constituent. Let us see how much the rakyat prove/dissaprove by such despicable act that has topple down a legal govt.

It will be another challenge to Najib Tun Razak as  UMNO president-elect to prove he is a talismatic leader and by serving himself as the chairman of Perak BN, it would be a contest not to lose. 

Good luck and have a good fight.
Orang peghok selamat memancing ikan patin gulai tempoyak.

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Syigim said...

hoping for the best. jgn robohkan airport sultan azlan shah dekat rumah i tu dah le.. :P