19 February 2009

Politics, politicians. political plots... arghh bugger offf!!!

I have fed up with the current state of my beloved country. With the political games, slanders, sex life/choice and power puff crazy politicians still looming even after we (read: the rakyat) had cast our votes with full responsibilities and dignity a year ago. Things havent much change. The aspirations of a sovereign nation still thousand lights year away as political enemies and friends could not find a decent closure for all the mess up they created. 

Too much politicking is killing me!!! Make me want to puke.
Go fuck yourselves YB's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am condoning myself to talk about politics anymore. YB's, you can lick my ass.

1 comment:

Syigim said...

moqq!!!! tsk tsk tsk... (geleng-geleng kepala) i'm shocked! such language!

(ceh ceh padehal tiap2 ari dgr kay bebel2 guna f word tu!)