8 April 2009

Ask Morkymoqq (2) : 2 Bukit 1 Batang

Dear morky,

Yesterday's tri by-elections proved yet again that BN hasn't grasp back people's heart. The status quo remained with 1 BN - 2 PR. It is so obvious at the current state, BN is no longer the ONLY choice for the voters in representing them. With the by-election results stand at PR 4 to BN 1 after the 'political tsunami' last year, BN as a coalition of respectives etnic-based parties have to make great reforms and big changes within themselves before hit back for another round of by-election. I do hope we should take a break (from by-election) and focus more on the upcoming recession crisis. Nevertheless we could only hope, the destiny written is not ours to know. Btw, what's your take on this political dynamics which has occured to our nation thus far?

Encik Pengundi 'Hantu'
Bukit Merah

Dear Encik Pengundi 'Hantu',

I wish you well and hopefully you are safe and sound back home after 'doing  your part' at respective polling centre. I'm sure you were one of the phantom voters who managed to get your way through and casted your vote. Unfortunately your vote didn't help to swing any result to the ruling party. Unless you were casting in Batang Ai, were you?! hmmm... Don't bother to answer.

Well my take on the current political state is simple. The ruling party aka BN have to accept that they are now taking on a formidable pact (PR) that have great will, determinations and people aspirations in their hand. PR is no longer used to be Barisan Alternatif, Gagasan Rakyat or even Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah alliance anymore which BN can simply taken head on. PR is a real deal that offer a CHOICE to rakyat which BN should respect and be cautious too.

BN got a clear signal from 2 bukits and a thorough soul searching has to be undertaken within the component parties. It should be taken as a collective responsibilities amongst the components and not putting any blaming to respective party for such lost. Yet the root cause of the problem must be address. If the problem lies in UMNO with its power crazy, racist remarks, corruption and other negative perception, the UMNO president and the Chairman of BN has to take swift action. If the problem lies in MIC as irrelevant party to represent Indians and the need to change the undemocratic election of its leader then by all means the BN Chairman and other party president amongst BN election has to speak up and make changes. If the Chinese voices were swinging to the 'dark' side, MCA, Gerakan and the other Chinese based BN component party need the address the issue in a proper manner not simply 'summarising' up that the Chinese want to be heard more in the government thus asking extra cabinet seat etc. Dont ever betray the compromises made by our fore fathers about respecting others whilst earning your self respect.

Overall, my take  can be summarised as per my friend message in 8 long smses as follows;
"Voters under 40 years old rejected BN totally! BN needs a new way of campaigning approach that won't misuse government media to potray themselves as gods whilst the others are utter demons. It has backfired and created sympathy votes towards PR. People now want facts, intellectual discussion and new hope in a gentlemanly way of campaigning. Then, rakyat will surely come back to BN "

It is about time for BN  to come with fresh faces and new icon. BN leaders must understand their Y.B. title is no longer a Yang Berhormat but a title that come with great responsibility, amanah and people friendly.

I would prefer them to be address Yang Berkhidmat instead. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Morkymoqq,

It is not even 2 weeks YAB NTAR take in charge as PM but our hopes have gotten from bad to worse. From DPM so-called misquoted statement to 'Bangkitlah Melayu' article front paged in Utusan, racism had gone to the max.

So far at this point of time, I don't see anyway that BN, or UMNO particularly can reform except by losing in next GE. Let other parties take control and cure the cancer within.

Francis Krajewski said...

Couldn't agree more Mr.Morkymoqq