20 April 2009

Tempat lama lagikan dikenang, Inikan pula 'The Malay College' ku

The OBW 09 in Kuala Kangsar was a special event in my calendar year. I decided to go back a bit later rather than the usual late friday evening lurching down to Kuala Kangsar. I opted for more leisure drive down PLUS highway with two comrades, adiq and mafia on Saturday morning though. It should have been a fourth member to complete our 'beatles' tour to KK but we were dumped by him in the last minutes. Too bad! Nevertheless, the show must go on and we were already there in KK by noon.

As usual, the first pit stop would be the school itself. I wonder after so many years of going back to koleq, the same feeling of anxiety still there to be felt. I wonder if its only me but the eagerness shown on the face of my two pals reflects that we shared a common sentiment. Our arrival was not received by thousand of adoring fans but rather a quiet mood. Strange that it seems but for the past years of MCOBA Old Boys Weekend, the tranquil atmosphere was too obvious to be seen. Maybe of the nation recession effects or perhaps the OBW has lost its touch to the old boys?! I couldn't answer but I do hope this cooling period would rather temporary and the spirit of Old boys weekend would be restored.

After a few hi's and hello's to fellow old boys. It's time for some souvenirs! This year quite a number of old boys turned fund raising committee to help their adopted sports team. I decided to help the Mighty Ducks Fund Raising Campaign at their Kapet's Yengko and ordered 3 t shirt. It cost me like RM200 for 3.. sigh, budak koleq memang pandai manipulate yet you still feel obliged to give a supporting hand... rite, Hope it really helps, guys! :)

Kadir, Tony and Ayul was there even earlier. They enjoyed themselves capturing pictures at the field. While others like Old Man and Opeq was on the field playing hockey, Senoq and the cricketeers willling to put themselves under the sun on the innings. Geng Alphard (ajis, abe, bachin, bothaq, buja modaq and zef) were nowhere to be seen. Probably still sleeping after a night out in Ipoh.

Now perut has started singing, it's time for lunch.

We should had our lunch at the favourable Saudiah. Unfortunate, it was full house. Even our former juniors back in koleq didn't care to offer their seat anymore. Well over the years, you will lose your King of School title when the junior will become super senior and you ended as another old boys. How time has flies and you could see yourself now 'duduk sama rendah dan berdiri sama tinggi' with everyone. We conceded defeat and left to Seri Kangsar for our lunch. It was a good decision as the place was even better and spacious for the 8 of us. The food was not bad either. During lunch most of the talks was about tonite FA cup semis which 3 of the big four will be playing.

It's 5pm and I was preparing myself for our annual football match with the F1. We have started the tradition since 3 years ago by having an exhibition match with the F1. It was a good call anyway as it excites people to come back to koleq and have a go again on Padang Prep School. Lucky it wasn't raining. The F1 looked rather jaded from another game much earlier in the morning. That shouldn't be a case to underestimate them as some of them were really darn good! We were closed to lose but in such situation, experience did count. We manage to beat them by a slim 3-2 scoreline. Overall, main bola after long hiatus memang pancit giler!

gambar sebelum pancit! courtesy modaq

That nite was rather ordinary but we still manage to get everyone together for dinner at Benteng. Not a bad idea though as there was a fireworks celebration at Lembah in conjunction with the royal highness Sultan Perak's birthday. We joined the other for the concert a bit later. Some songs were refreshing but overall the concert was never up to the standard it was used to be. Maybe a lil bit of tweaking need to be done somewhere. I would rather spending my time watching Arsenal playing Chelsea on FA semi final. Though the young guns was attacking all cylinders, it was never meant for them to be in the final. They lost to a stronger Chelsea 1 -2. I could not take it anymore and found my way back to Safari for a snoring session with Che mie.

Sunday came by, i was late for the traditional rugby match at the field. The night before some of the rugby boys (OB) were planning to have another back to back win against the boys since 2000 but against all odds, the present boys survived the demolishing and indeed they themselves turned winner by a slightest margin (2 pts conversion since both teams has 3 tries a piece). I left padang and hopped for a few shots with Kadir and Ayul who were the regular models. Had a brief encounter with Hasnul, the wife of Cikun and we talked about life and family. I excused myself when adiq came calling for our journey back home.

There was no drama nor I am a drama queen myself. But life in Koleq will always be interesting even it was only for one short weekend. Going to miss koleq once again.. 

As always, MCKK will open its door to the custodians for as long as another 100 years...

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Noni Kapet said...

woi selamba cakap kitorang manipulate... aku tak letak jambu eyh jadi salesman, aku letak yg muka2 kesian je. Jambu kena goreng keropok ha ha.

yeap it would help a lot, morq, don't worry. thanks for the 3 t-shirts ha ha, aku kena kejar kadir sbb dia patut berterima kasih sbb protection aku lah, dia tak kena kacau malam2 kat koleq ha ha.

good to see u the other day.