6 April 2009

When hippie wannabe goes marching...

It could have been a straight forward journey back to KL. It should have taken us a four hours max but we ended up arriving in KL ten hours late. You'd wonder why? how? what a sluggish car i have?! (yes, admitted if compared to tut... refer kaler tema) yet it's all not about the destination;  it was about the wonderful journey back to KL for a bunch of brady's like us. :)

I decided to take a longer route or jalan dalam instead of a typical highway journey.  We kicked start our journey heading to Selama, Perak to visit my ummi who lived in a small kampung called Banggol Jas. The place are very close to my heart and i was taken aback by the serene ambiance and beautiful countryside. This is the place i would go for my 'annual pilgrimage' every hari raya to enjoy the mouth-watering sambal masak that goes well with ikan keli bakar. Yum2!

From Selama, Perak we headed to Pondok Tanjung which is well known for its forest reserves. This was  later confirmed by our first encounter with the penjaga hutan who seem not welcoming our presence there.  Due to its population, the place looked deserted and the monkeys were really conquering all places. 

Jangan tegur!

dedicated signage for them too!

As we past the reserves, we reached the heart of this small town, a small sub station of KTM. In my early MCKK years, I used  to travel on Mel Train ( a low fare and slow train) from Kuala Kangsar to Penang. Pondok Tanjung was one of the sub station the mel  would stop for at least 10 minutes before lurching down towards Penang and passing through the captivating Tasik Merah. 

Yes, I am ketua stesen.

gadis kota tiba di desa.. 

Calon2 biggest losers

We should have arrived in KL by 8 pm then but due to the photo2 session we have re-calculated our timing to 8.10pm. That shouldnt be the case anymore as we past Kamunting and Taiping and got very excited. We ended up touring the historic town ourselves. Starting with a quick stop at the lake garden and take turn reminiscing old memories riding on a swan; we completed our Taiping visits with a jalan-jalan cari makan at the famous kuey teow doli... 
Though it took  us like forever, but i tell you... it's worth the wait.

Hujan kept us away from riding one.

Ultraman tiga

Kuey teow doli special 

The rest of the trip can simply be summarised in this short clip. enjoice!


Anonymous said...

abg moqq: eric
kak milla: donna
bangchik: kelso
faezah: fez
dayah: jackie..

Anonymous said...

wah. suke suke jackie.
jackie: whatever..
cool. haha