1 April 2009

Pak Lah is leaving for good

It 's confirm!
Paklah will retire from his premiership post coming Friday. 
If everything goes as plan, he will pass the baton to DS Najib who will be our 6th premier.

I am not laughing nor crying. It is destined.. Paklah will have to step down, and he should!
considering what happened last GE, as the general in command, he should take responsible and exit in a gentleman manner, instead he needed some one like ts muhyiddin to push him out.

I dont pity him. As much as he did it to the other before him... he deserved his judgement.
after all, you already made a hefty fortune even at the very last day on your seat.
That is our Mr Clean 5th PM, Datuk Seri Abdullah or should i address him in advance, Tun Lah!

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