15 April 2009

Now, who will be the biggest loser?

Most people would start their new year's resolution vowing to put off some weight . I am one of the aforesaid. Nonetheless, after reaching the first yearly quarter; my dreams of wearing tight hugging shirts and slim fitted jeans seem like thousand years away. heck me!

But sometimes the lightning do strike twice. With the right mind (thanks to the SECRET) and positive attitude, I have started imagining myself doing a project runaway for Rizalman Collections. Eversince the body have started to react for such thoughts and I am inspired once again to start my most forgetful resolution!

Moreover, me and my milla are now religiously attached to the Biggest Loser Show showing daily on channel 702 Astro. The show one way or another connected well with us and we are glued in front of the tv set everytime. Most memorable moment during the show would be when the host mentioning ' Your previous weight was... and now you are....'. Everytime a contestant lose weight, we could catch a glimpse of lasting cheer and satisfaction on his/her face. After what they have endured and gone through without favour and much pain, losing weight is their greatest reward.

Currently my weight is 104kg. My BMI stands at 29.4
Another 0.6pts, I can consider myself an obese!
My fat percentage is 34.3% and i need to reduce my fat mass down to 20%. That is 14.3% fat reduction.
I'm targeting 10% weight loss from my current weight; leveraging myself to 94kg. It seems a realistic target for now.
Whether i would succeed in my quest or not.. you guys out there will be the judge..
and we will see who's really the biggest loser!

p/s: If you see the column Predicted Weight: 83.3kg on the sheet, it is definitely way out off my league. If I were ever reduce to 80kg, definitely I am a Rizalman model material ahaks!

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