22 April 2009

Our Sweet Cuppa Cakes @ Paparich!

The birthday attire

What Occasion? Our youngest sista's birthday.
Where?! Paparich USJ Taipan
Why? Celebrating her becoming a teenage gurl.. yes ThirTEEN!!!
How? presented her with the nicest cup cakes, big birthday card and everything she wanted to have in the house.
Who? Dad, mom, me and my milla, dearest Kak ayu and Abg jiji, Cheeky Kak chik and lil cute bro was there 
When? last sunday after my trip to KK.

Such a sport dad!

Ohh... mama also in her element

the birthday gurl and her cuppa cakes

It was a blast. Such a sport from  my parents and  my siblings to make it a sweetest celebration for baby. She was smiling all the way home and she had her stomach full too! It would be another month before we will be celebrating birthday again.. this time it would be the 3 in the family. Mom, dad and me. 

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